The Importance of Aerodynamics in Truck Design

Date Posted: September 12, 2019

For years, heavy-duty trucks for sale and for hire are designed solely for hauling heavy and large cargo. This resulted in bulky-looking, blunt, wheeled machines that seem to compete with road wind’s force instead of gracefully cutting through it. These physical properties put trucks as commercial vehicles with the least aerodynamic-friendly body build. While novice truck drivers and starting truck business owners may think that aerodynamics in the truck design is not as important as the capacity to carry heavy cargo, here are some reasons they should think otherwise.


Importance #1: Road safety

Aerodynamics plays a huge role in the movement of heavy-duty trucks for sale or for hire along the road. According to the Transport Laboratory Research in the United Kingdom, trucks without aerodynamic-friendly designs are more prone to road accidents. This is mostly due to the wind force and movement’s ability to easily topple a truck over when the driver is making sharp turns and swerves.


Importance #2: Movement and speed

Anyone who pays attention to land vehicle designs knows how a car’s body built can affect the movement and speed of a vehicle, which is why all race cars are designed prioritizing aerodynamic properties. Trucks’ purposes are focused on hauling, however, and this meant they cannot be designed the way race cars are. Fortunately, the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering conducted a study involving simulations where aerodynamic-friendly designs are applied on trucks. The study concluded that it is possible to improve a truck’s aerodynamics to help with its movement and speed without decreasing the truck’s capacity to carry heavy loads.


Importance #3: Fuel efficiency

Aerodynamics greatly contributes to any vehicle’s fuel efficiency; the lesser the aerodynamic drag a truck has, the lesser effort and fuel consumption are needed to push the truck as it moves against the wind. Fuel efficiency is highly valuable for business owners with heavy-trucks for sale and for hire. This is because fuel efficiency can greatly lessen operation costs for business owners and even for people who privately own a truck.


Not all truck manufacturers offer trucks designed with aerodynamics in mind. Make sure to choose a truck provider that is able to produce quality trucks designed both for hauling heavy cargo and for the sake of good aerodynamics.